Wake up in the morning feeling like a run, but it was raining and was sleepy so I slept some more. Brushed my teeth, put on clothes, getting ready for school… (read it in the tune of TikTok Ke$ha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP6XpLQM2Cs)

So maybe I’m not destined to be a song writer…

Even worse than having school in a foreign country is having a class alone in a foreign country. I repeat… I am in a class with a teacher, one on one. No dozing, or staring off into space. Damn it. At least I got to ramble about anime and Star Wars. Did I mention my professor doesn’t like Star Wars? He’s going down.

Walking back with Marie, my roomie, I mentioned that each time we try the food it’s an adventure. I’m scared that I won’t like it, but feel obligated to eat it. Luckily, the food so far was all delicious. Still planning on getting the recipes. And of course, the food today, had an icky texture, like a mix between watery scrambled eggs and cream of wheat (which is similar to oatmeal) except REALLY thick. Had to finish off 8 cups of water in order to push it down my throat.

But YAY, I have a Peruvian phone. After an hour or more of struggle to understand the sales person and trying to get the Peruvian SIM card to work in my cellphone from home, I had to buy 2 SIM cards and ended up with a caveman phone. Mom would be so proud. I never want to see that store again it aggravated me so much. Oh, yeah, it’s right next to my school. YAY ME! -___-

Remember that chocolate museum that I promised I would return to? Well, chocolate is the best pick-me-up. Especially when its wonderfully rich, flavorful, good chocolate. If you are comparing this to Hersheys, please reevaluate your life. Thank you. With some hot chocolate and pan de chocolate (a croissant filled with chocolate), life was automatically better. Mhmmmm chocolate baby. No regrets. It was too good to not finish.

Hello my name is Tahlia, I have a problem
Hello my name is Tahlia and I’m a chocoholic

I played Bingo with some friends….that aren’t our grandparent’s age. I promise. Apparently I ordered a drink that is made with eggs…about that…. So Bingo, whatever. After Bingo was a ‘pop quiz.’ 30 questions for each group to answer. I am sorry to say I couldn’t recall the middle name of J.K. Rowling. (Kathleen) Hopefully my brother doesn’t disown me. And despite my obvious lacking of important knowledge, my teammates pulled us through to win!!!! And then we polished off our winnings in 15 minutes, more or less, a bottle of wine.

I really love being in Peru and being legal.

Wish I brought my camera because the restaurant was cool. It was themed after fairytales and the menus included a little fairytale: Cinderella and Rapunzel. Probably more.

Note to self. Have camera on self. #1 I will want the pictures in the future. #2 People don’t read blogs, they just want to see cool pictures. SORRY

Hasta Luego