Since the rest of my evil plans fell through…

This post is for a very special person. (feel free to awwwww)

She is one of my best friends whom I constantly tease and is going to kill me for writing this. <3. Whenever I see her, I extoll her virtues and beauty because she is a wonderful and gorgeous person. She is extremely talented even though sometimes her professors and stupid bumble fucks.

I know that she had a bad week because of stupid people, whom if I was home, I would kick their ass to Siberia.

She is an awesome person who always thinks of her family and thought of me during the holidays and bought me a beautiful pair of earrings when she saw them in Claire’s and thought of me. When I was in Florida, I bought her a pair of earrings because whenever I wear her earrings, I always think of her, so I want her to think of me and smile.

So since it’s the end of the week, smile. I even refrained myself from putting some embarrassing pet name that I made up on the spot.

But I must ask, you said you read my blog every day when you get home from school….


P.S. I swear I can only do cute things for you. ❤

P.P.S. Please don’t kill me.