Yay! I left the city again! Actually I left the next day, but I’ve been busy. Let me tell you, it was great being out of the city two days in a row. All that city stuff, gone. My heart felt lighter and I was quite giddy about being in the ruins.

We visited a couple of places. I went with Marie, 2 other Belgium girls and 2 Denmark girls. I met them on the bus and did my whole Belgium obsessing thing.

It was really cool riding with them because while we were in the taxi, we compared our countries, mostly our education systems. Damn, it sucks to be a student in America. Other places you can even get paid to go to school!!!! A lot different from the debts that we get once we’re out of school. They are also a lot more encouraged to study abroad. Especially in Denmark. I wasn’t feeling very patriotic.

The first place we visited was Moray. Unfortunately we didn’t go with a guide so we didn’t learn any special things about the place. Nor were there any signs. One of the girls, Manon, did know what it was used for. It was used for food storage. It’s pretty cool and my friend actually learned about it and wrote what it was used for on her blog. So if you’re really curious, or just bored, here’s the link. http://southamericastudyabroad.weebly.com/ It’s under day 7.



Like at the other ruins, the Incas made their structures with the stones fitting each other perfectly and didn’t use any mortar. Again I must acknowledge how awesome they are. But the structure was also used to prevent land slides.

IMG_5490 IMG_5491

Of course I had to get a picture of myself from the center. And I think there were some type of stairs somewhere, but that’s no fun.

Ditte and I
Ditte and I
Climbing down
Climbing down


It’s a good thing I don’t have bad knees, that would have hurt a bit… But it was a lot of fun just jumping down. Would have landed with a barrel roll, but the steps were too small, I was scared I’d roll right over the edge. So we get down there. We’re all taking pictures and relaxing, considering sun bathing and we get yelled at. Apparently we weren’t supposed to be there….oops

Not allowed to go down...oops
Not allowed to go down…oops

I swear we didn’t see that before we went down. Totally worth it. Then we saw these other ruins, that were pretty much the same thing but not as cool.


So we decided to take the rest of our time relaxing under the beautiful sun and on the soft green grass. And I just wanted to stay there forever.

But we had to get back to our taxi. And had some nice views of the mountain on our way back.

IMG_5505 IMG_5513 IMG_5518 IMG_5520

The next place was the salt mines, Maras. It was really salty there. Haha I wonder why.



But it was really cool, got some nice pictures and Manon listened in on a group and found out that they get the salt from this water source that runs into the mines and that’s about all I remember. My friend also has some information on it, again here’s the link to her blog if you’re interested. http://southamericastudyabroad.weebly.com/ Day 7

<3 S + T

By the way, my friend agreed to be my valentine, so I couldn’t help drawing that in the sand. YOU BETTER SMILE WHEN YOU SEE THIS.

And let’s backtrack a little.

While we were leaving Moray, a taxi driver came up to us with his smart phone and asks us, do you want to do this sport. He proceeded to show us a video of people zip lining. At 2 km, he claimed it was the biggest in the world.


It cost us 55 soles/person in case you end up in Moray. I think you could negotiate the price lower but we were too excited to remember that we should negotiate. Oh well


Group picture before going to our deaths
Group picture before going to our deaths

The view at the top was amazing! I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

IMG_5592 IMG_5594 IMG_5595 IMG_5597 IMG_5607 IMG_5615 IMG_5617 IMG_5621

In the car everyone was calling what order they wanted to go in. I didn’t care so I ended up going last and got some pretty good videos of everyone else.

I’m a little scared of heights. My legs feel a little like jelly and I’m nervous when standing near an edge. I’m a weirdo though and love that feeling. I love the adrenaline rushing through my body, so I was a little nervous like everyone else, but even more excited.

The trip down took a little under 2 minutes but felt like forever. I didn’t feel like I was going that fast but it felt like the world was rushing behind me. It felt like the mountains were moving backwards while I was at a stand still. It wasn’t the rush you get on a roller coaster with the change in speeds and up-side-downs, but it was a lot prettier. I really wish I had a go pro camera or google glasses to take a video. Oh well. Just take my word it was great and you should go if you’re ever down here.


Marie  Zip lining
Marie Zip lining

IMG_5610 IMG_5632 IMG_5633

Inca ruins, zip lining and sun, very successful day.