On the sucky side, I went to sleep around 4 AM and had to wake up around 5 AM. That was really painful.

On the bright side I had a long bus ride ahead of me and I WAS GOING TO THE AMAZON.

That definitely makes up for it…

So after getting on the bus, putting my stuff down and sitting down with my headphones in my ear…I was completely out.

“Wake up!”

Well since I was pretty uncomfortable, I was already half awake. So I followed everyone off the bus onto a mountain overlooking a valley and several other mountains. In other words…it was drop dead gorgeous.

Broken down mummy home and great view
Broken down mummy home and great view

The ruins we were looking at were pre-Incan. They created these column like structures and placed mummies in them. I assume they had the mummies sitting in fetal position as I learned a couple of weeks ago.

Mummies were in these structures
Mummies were in these structures

Kind of creepy, but kind of cool. It’s nice they got such a good view in the after-life. Let’s check out that view again.
Instead of exploring the ruins, I decided to sit back, under the sun and take in the view. I mean you can’t be exploring every nook and valley of every ruins you come across near Cuzco.
On our way down and to the bus again, we saw a bunch of animals being led by a girl. The pigs were obviously the most annoying to herd. She constantly had to go near them with her whip, slap it against her hand and make the whipping noise to keep them in line. See if we all kept kosher, she wouldn’t have to deal with them.

Cows and sheep and pigs, oh my!
Cows and sheep and pigs, oh my!

The first of many bathroom breaks and back on the bus.
Our next stop was at a town very near the entrance of the jungle, ATEIOFAJASD. We got 15 minutes to explore, where we went to the center plaza, which was tiny. But the town is tiny, so it fits. They had these cool statues of a bunch of different types of people, musicians, Incans, weird people and more.

These represent the traditional dances that the town does during their festival in July
These represent the traditional dances that the town does during their festival in July
Pachamama for Carnival
Pachamama for Carnival

Bought a flashlight and back on the bus.
She woke us all up as we entered the jungle. We were entering the cloud highlands. It was very green and very misty because the clouds were low enough to hid parts of the mountains. In other words, I felt like I was entering Jurassic Park.
Cue Jurassic Park Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8zlUUrFK-M
But seriously, I put it on, on my ipod. It was one of those times in my life that felt like a movie because I had the perfect background noise to go along with my life.

Living on the edge...thought we would fall off
Living on the edge…thought we would fall off

Let me tell you a little bit about the road. It is a dirt road on the side of the mountain, probably made with dynamite. The dirt road is a bit muddy, not too bad. I mean we’re in the rainforest, so it has to be a little wet. The road feels like a one-way road if you’re being safe. Maybe 1 1/2 . And we’re in a bus. And any other vehicle on this road is either a truck or a bus. Oh and there’s a very steep fall if we were to fall off.
Was I scared for my life?
…Maybe a little.
We had a lunch stop with a view overlooking a waterfall.

Lunch view!
Lunch view!
The waterfall even has a name!
The waterfall even has a name!

After we walked around to the waterfall and our guide, Ketty, explained the plant-life and animal-life to us.
We continue walking and see a smaller waterfall.
Very pretty right? So who wouldn’t want a picture on top of it?
waterfall amazon
Pointing out that may not have been my smartest decision, considering it was made of rocks compressed together. Very not stable. Basically, it was a lot of fun and felt great when I was up there. Coming down part was a little scary. I stick by my statement the worst part of going up is going down.
Back on the bus.
Out the window I saw a cow. Cool a wild cow. We caught each other’s eyes and it licked its lips..ok
Then I saw a sheep. Cool a wild sheep. We caught each other’s eyes and it also licked its lips.
We finally got to our destination for the night. We had to walk through the jungle for a little and cross over a river using a cable car. That was pretty sick. And we came to several cabin where we stayed for the night.



Crossing the river on a chair
Crossing the river on a chair
Check out all the ants carry the cocoa leaves. Ants be crazy here!
Check out all the ants carry the cocoa leaves. Ants be crazy here!

And of course I chilled outside looking at the stars for a bit. It was really cool because there was so much sky and it was so dark. The stars were so bright. They were brighter than Lake Titicaca but there weren’t any star clouds/clusters? So it was a different type of beautiful. More amazing that stars could get that bright.
After dinner when we were walking out I suddenly hear rushing water.
Oh fuck. It’s raining.
Wait, no, it’s the river.
I wonder if it gets annoying hearing the river running constantly.
End Part 1