Have you ever gone camping? And you woke up in the morning, hearing the rain hit your tent. And you know it’s going to be a terrible morning, between your shoes probably being wet, your feet getting wet as you step out to put on your shoes, you getting wet and you have to take down the tent in the miserable weather and can only sit on a wet log or rock.
I recall that feeling way too clearly.
So when I woke up, hearing the water, my heart dropped.
But I recalled last night, how the running water tricked me into thinking it was raining, and indeed there was no drops of water hitting the ceiling. Then I was able to enjoy the sounds of the water.
Also, I slept amazing there. Possibly best night of sleep EVER.
We stopped at a town that had practically nothing. But we tried this cool fruit, Ketty gave us a little and even the ice cream version. It tasted like a frozen yogurt, pretty good.
Back on the bus, until we got to a cocoa plantation. In the valley we were at, the people were allowed to grow cocoa. Actually when we left, we got stopped by the cocoa police to make sure we weren’t smuggling any. They have an agreement to only sell to the government or whoever the government has an agreement with.

Center to conserve life
Center to conserve life

On this plantation, it was also an animal reserve. As soon as we walked in we saw a parrot.
Polly want a cracker?
Polly want a cracker?

The animals here, live here because they can’t live in the jungle. Either they are recuperating and will go back into the wild or they can no longer live in the wild. A couple of them the people need to have permits for to keep and they aren’t allowed to sell them.
There was also a dog. Not as cool, and it kept trying to steal my cookies. But it wasn’t the only one trying to steal my cookies!

Trying to copy the dog
Trying to copy the dog

I have always said that my cat is like a dog, but this animal that is related to a pig somehow, but I don’t know its species or its name (I have a really good excuse for my mind being blown later) was literally a dog. It kept sniffing trying to get to my cookies and then was sniffing my crotch!
His friend came. A giant-guinea pig creature. They’re trying to get me back for eating their kind!
Large guinea pig - looking animal....I wonder if it tastes good
Large guinea pig – looking animal….I wonder if it tastes good

Animal friends
Animal friends

I kept petting and playing with them, so I only got a short tour of the plantation. Oh well, it was worth it.
And then we saw this amazing, adorable, cute, wonderful guy.

Whom Marie disturbed by breaking the tree!!!!!
Trying to get really close on a giant branch to take a picture. So fat. JK. (Love you Marie)
So he opened his eyes, yawned and began to get himself comfortable again.
SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!
And then someone shouted out that there were MONKEYS!!!!

They were cute little guys. Except then the white guy kept terrorizing the black guy. Haha I get it. (That was not on purpose) I felt bad for the black monkey. The white one kept trying to knock him off and steal all the leaves. BAD MONKEY
Mean white monkey
Mean white monkey

Don't be mean, share the leaves
Don’t be mean, share the leaves

Play nice...
Play nice…

After taking more pictures than I can count and several videos, I returned to see if I could hold the parrot. But alas, we were holding a different animal.
True love
True love

I will reiterate…SO CUTE and soft.
Mochila is my baby!!!!
Mochila is my baby!!!!

I swear, sloths give the best hugs. That was the best hug of my entire life. I felt like a mother holding a child. Who cares about human babies when you can have a sloth?
I had to hand him off to Marie, so I discovered there were some turtles.
And then I returned to admired Mochila. And Marie didn’t want to hold him anymore.
I mean, if you don’t want to hold him, I guess I can take him off your hands….
But then he started getting tired. And he was reaching for some nearby trees. I didn’t know what to do. Was he hungry? Was he tired?
The guy who takes care of the animals saw me bringing him to a tree and asked if I wanted to let Mochilla down.
I really didn’t.
But he seemed tired and looked like he wanted to go back to his tree.
And then a parrot joined him.
I will love you forever
I will love you forever


Okay, let me give you Mochila’s backstory. When he was young, he fell off a tree and hurt his nose. You can still see the injury.  He can’t go back in the jungle and the people have been raising him since he was a baby. You could say they are his mothers.
Then the mom came back holding an anteater.
Apparently anteaters can climb up trees.
And apparently the white monkey isn’t only mean to the black monkey, as he terrorized the parrot and the anteater.

But he can be lured into the bus using food…

Monkey on the bus
Monkey on the bus

Unfortunately we had to leave.
Good-byes were painful. I will love Mochila forever.