4 AM wakeup call does not make me happy…at all. Not that anyone really cares.
It was an overcast day and slightly chilly. I wish I had taken my sweatshirt, but oh well.
Why were we up at 4 AM?
Well there is this clay island on the river. It’s a water hole for a bunch of the animals. Since the animals eat food with high amounts of acid, they need to come to the clay and eat it to offset the acid. Especially parrots. But they don’t come when the weather isn’t very good…but we were hoping. So we made our way on the boat to the island and waited there.





Progression of time
Progression of time

I may have dozed off several times while waiting. Finally it was breakfast time, so we ate, still hoping that the birds would come out. They didn’t….damn. So after waiting several hours to no avail, we turned on the boat and continued our day.
Bananas on the shore...monkeys would be very happy if they got them >:)
Bananas on the shore…monkeys would be very happy if they got them >:)

On the way to our next hike in the jungle, we stopped at a local village. This village was originally the natives of the jungle, a tribe that the government has contact with. Many surrounding areas send their children to this village because it has a school. I found it sad that our involvement may have ruined their culture, their way of life. And of course as we got on the island, there was a drunk man yelling. Since he was drunk and slurring I couldn’t understand although he may not have been speaking Spanish. I asked Ketty, our guide, and she told me he was annoyed with their mayor.
Traditional house
Traditional house

At least there were a couple of old fashioned buildings, but I was extremely surprised to see how garbage-y it was. I thought most cultures, especially living in the jungle respected nature and would keep garbage to a minimum and protect the environment….
Overall, I found it sad.
But then we came to our final destination. We were heading to this waterfall that we could jump off of. To get there, we had an hour hike in the jungle!

And we saw some monkeys. They were SO close!


And then after hiking up a river and nearly falling several times on the rocks to get to the waterfall, we were there!


Blurry picture of me jumping off
Blurry picture of me jumping off

To get up there, you had to go around, climb up and jump down far away to keep yourself from not hitting the rocks. Except it was slippery up there. While I was up there, I nearly slipped in, instead of jumped away from the cliff.
Another girl, actually did slip, nearly caught herself then fell.
She died and we all had to go home and the tour company was in a lot of trouble.
She managed to push herself off the wall and make a perfect pencil landing.
Our guide was pretty ready to leave after that….haha
And we did leave, returning to go to the hot spring, natural hot springs in the middle of the jungle. It smelled like rotten eggs a little because of the sulfur…which turned some people’s jewelry black. I took a jewelry making class and played with metals and sulfur so I assured them that they only had to polish it.
But it was very nice and relaxing.
That night was cloudy though. Damn it. At least I got to go star gazing the other night. (We had another optional night walk, no one went)
And so passed my last night in the jungle…

Last night in the jungle
Last night in the jungle

View from dining hall
View from dining hall