The first week of classes, someone told me that they offer chocolate lessons sometimes. My reaction, being one of a cool and calm person who had just been told interesting news; WHEN CAN I GO TO THE LESSON I WANT TO GO I WANT TO MOMMY PLEASE LET ME.
The third week on a Thursday afternoon, the school offered the lessons again. SARAH, MARIE, YOU NEED TO SIGN UP WITH ME! So I convinced my friends they should join me.
For some reason the water was out in the city. Something with the water company fixing some pipes.
We each came into a room and got to sit down in front of our respective chocolate molds. CHOCOLATE! The woman in charge directed us to break up the chocolate bar into small pieces. We proceeded to put it in a double boiler and she stirred the chocolate around with a wooden spoon. You can’t use metal because it will heat the chocolate up differently. I assume you can use plastic.
Then she sat us down to paint our molds. I apologize for the lack of pictures. I didn’t want to get chocolate all over my camera and I am not the neatest with chocolate. We painted the molds with a layer of chocolate, froze it and then were able to fill the center with caramel, raisins soaked in brandy or nuts. So I just took the brandy and filled it with that.
I totally didn’t get any strange looks or comments. But another guy, Jelmer, copied me, and then we split the remaining small bit of brandy and drank it.
Seriously people, brandy and chocolate go together!!!
So I made 2 brandy ones and several caramel ones!

Set and ready to go
Set and ready to go

Since I can make them…I could have made them prettier if I hadn’t tried to shove as much chocolate as possible in them…I’m going to make them when I’m home as a very belated valentine to my valentine (see Don’t tell her! It’s a secret. 😉
And then we had some extra melted chocolate that was left over. I tried to be polite and take a bunch of the chocolate to a separate cup so I didn’t contaminate all of the chocolate with my spoon.
Chocolate lesson at school
They may have told me that I was making it difficult for them to eat their chocolate because I was making it a bit disgusting…oops. Sucks to be them.
I was on a chocolate high.