Mountains. There were mountains surrounding Belgrano.
After being surrounded by mountains for over a month and then suddenly moving to the city, it felt great to see the mountains around me. I was finally home.


Belgrano is a German rooted town with great beer. Brunnen. I highly recommend it.
It’s a quaint little town which obviously caters to tourism. There were many lovely looking restaurants with outdoor seating to enjoy the weather and scenery. In addition it is a highly pedestrian town as most of the town is based off a main road with sidewalks used to get to many of the tiny stores in the town. Despite my desire not to buy more things, it was lovely to look at all the cool things there. If you’re ever around in October, Oktoberfest looks pretty intense there. (They still had beer stines and other touristic things for sale saying Oktoberfest.)
A quick walk around, a couple of questions, a wonderful beer, some alfahores (Alpha whore not beta whore TROLOLOLO) and we’re off to find Cumbrecita. Luke and Amelia had heard that Cubrecita is nicer than Belgrano. But we were running dangerously low on time and we were drunk on the countryside.
Over the bridge and here we go
Over the bridge and here we go

Map of town
Map of town


Now how do we actually get up there?
Now how do we actually get up there?

Cumbrecita was also adorable. It was even more geared towards pedestrians. It seemed like much of the town you had to walk. So we found this hostel, PlanetaCubrecita where we had a coupon…but the dude was creepy and was like I don’t know what this is. Nah don’t feel like accepting it.
Thanks dude. Totally coming back and recommending you guys…NOT
There was a pair of people from France sharing the room with us. They were nice and told us some cool places to visit in the future. YAY more trips. Wallet silently cries.
It was around 8 and we were hungry. So we begin walking around for a place to eat. In Argentina, they eat EXTREMELY LATE. Everything happens pretty late. You wake up late. Have lunch a little late. Dinners sometime between 9 and 11. And then you go to the bar around 2 AM. Repeat. My body is still confused and always hungry. So of course nothing was open. Damn it.
Finally we arrived at a pizza shop that was just opening when we got there and was completely empty. So we got some pizza and beer and chilled there…until it closed. At like 11. Conversations there shall not be repeated. Sorry Luke for making you listen to girl talk. Oops.
The restaurant closed and it was Friday. Time to look for a bar!
I feel like there are always 2 things in a town/city no matter how small. A bar open at all hours and a religious building. Except everything was closed. Seriously it was dead. Sigh.
We saw this one bar. YAY Bar. Oh no…closed. Oh there’s a bar over the bridge? Okay, cool, thanks.
Hey dude we’re looking for the bar. Up there? Up that dark stairs and rocks that don’t even seem like a real path. You sure we’re not trespassing? Cool thanks.

View from hostel
View from hostel

Is this the bar? Are you sure it’s not your home with a bar and excessive drinks in it? Really? But there’s only you guys and your friends. Okay…I guess we’ll sit there…
AKA we ended up in a bar that was smaller than my room which had no one in it. Okay small towns. You got us.
The stars were pretty though. Just nice to see. Nothing special. Unless you don’t ever see stars because of light pollution. Then they’re pretty darn nice.
The morning plan was a hike to some nearby lakes. It was a pretty interesting lake because Amelia has bad eyesight. She normally uses contacts but as it was a last minute decision to stay overnight she had neither solution nor eye drops. She also forgot her glasses. Oops. Luke and I were slightly looking forward to see how much she’d mess up with her makeup…but she didn’t.
Cascada Grande Big waterfall? Count me in!
Cascada Grande
Big waterfall? Count me in!

The long...and winding road
The long…and winding road

After walking through town we saw several signs for lakes and one for a waterfall.


Bar in the's a party now
Bar in the woods…it’s a party now

The path to the waterfall was covered in roots, a bar, large rocks and a well disguised path at one point.
Hey! I can see civilization from here
Hey! I can see civilization from here

Thinking that we’d make it to the top of the mountain before we even got to the waterfall we continued. And the rushing water got louder and louder.
Is that big?
Is that big?

Yeah Luke,,,tell me how cold that water is It was really cold
Yeah Luke,,,tell me how cold that water is
It was really cold

Hmm…not exactly the giant waterfall we were expecting. But it was pretty and seemed like a good place to swim…if I had a bathing suit and the day or the water was hotter. I don’t exactly deal well with cold water. If my hair gets wet and I have no change of clothes, no towel and it’s not a warm enough day, game over. My day will be cold, wet and miserable. Tanning was the thought of the day.

I conquered the waterfall!
I conquered the waterfall!
Really wish I brought my journal. Would have been a beautiful place to write. Then we had to retrace the treacherous journey back in order to get to another lake.
La Olla Going to the lake!
La Olla
Going to the lake!

You know, when you say lake, I think of a decent size body of water. Maybe has some houses on the side with docks for boats. Big enough to canoe across….
...or swimming hole
…or swimming hole

Still…it was pretty. And so our exploration of the lakes ended. But on the way back, next to the bus station there was a chocolate store that gave us free samples. Mhmmm.
Before going back to Cordoba, we stopped at Belgrano. One more beer mommy, please. Brunnen, remember that and try it if you ever see it.
Relaxing riverside, eating alfahores
Relaxing riverside, eating alfahores

We were going to check out a watch out, then saw this river and got lazy. We’re such sloths (I miss Mochila)
Cute town wood stuff
Cute town wood stuff

And then we wanted to return early enough to grab dinner and meet friends somewhere and go out to a bar. The friend whose place we went to is gay. And he was making the plans for the night.
Guess where I ended up.
Yay my first gay bar.
Not yay: no straight guys
Also not yay: couldn’t find the lesbians
After 3 tries...we got something slightly acceptable....FIRST NIGHT OUT TOGETHER AT A REAL BAR
After 3 tries…we got something slightly acceptable….FIRST NIGHT OUT TOGETHER AT A REAL BAR
Just chilling with the friends