I started out really not happy. It was one of those days that you only get up to eat and then return to your computer or TV to just dull your mind. Chatting with people and reading my manga helped, but it never actually does anything that numbs the brain. I’ve got to say, one thing that kept me from going bat shit crazy was a heart a friend sent me, Hannah. I haven’t talked to her in about a year, but before she graduated, I considered her a really good friend. I mean I still do…it’s just harder to see her. So thanks Hannnah 🙂 and also I love your blog. Still makes me smile.

But finally I got out of bed to rugby practice. The rugby here is 7’s. I don’t know if I mentioned that…sooooo it’s a little different. Apparently I shouldn’t be trying to barrel through everyone. That feels so different. Also, they seem to be putting me as a forward. So forward, back, forward…MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!!!! And I’ve got to say, I miss my fly half, Alex, A LOT!!!! I’m an insider center, so basically we’re like a couple on the rugby field. She understands me like no one else! At practice I had to slow down to be able to get the pass at the right time. AHHH I miss my team </3!!!

Buttttttttttttttt after practice, I got a text from Luke. Party, drinking? I'm in.

I didn't actually know EXACTLY how to get there… soooooo I followed the yellow brick road, being my memory and passed by a ice cream shop. Uh oh! I hadn't had ice cream all day. Couldn't resist entering. The guy behind the counter was kidna cute and was saying, "Hi, I know English, you don't need to try Spanish." "Hahaha, I need to practice my Spanish." Cue another customer entering, "Su ingles es muy bueno" in halted spanish. "Hey, where are you from?"

So the guy was from California, moved to New York. Sometime in that time period, he seemed to have met his Argentian boyfriend. But apparently it's difficult for immigrants to do gay marriages? That sucks. So they tried Canada, but it was taking too long, so they moved to Argentina 2 years ago. The guy had a cafe in the area and he's been learning Spanish. He doesn't speak it very well, but I find it SOOOO sweet he was willing to move to a foreign country, with a foreign language just to marry the guy he loves!!!!! Definitely going to his cafe one day.

Finally, with his direction, I made it to the hostel!!!! Just in time for Kings, with slightly different rules. But there's always different rules, so nbd. There were a lot of U.S.ers. All of them from the west coast.

Vince was pretty cool. He seemed late 20's or early 30's but ended up being late 30's. Who would have guessed? Anyway he's a musician and works at different Irish festivals/renaissance faires in the U.S. He actually works at the renaissance faire in Tuxedo Park, NY. Let me catch you up a little. If you have read the posts, specifically the "Special Post", you know about my valentine. She hadn't been having a good week, so I promised her that when I come back I am going to take her to the renaissance faire. (She's never been) Soooo I asked him if he could sing her a ballad…but he can't sing, just play his cool instrument. Oh well. But apparently he can also tell a girl's boob size by hugging her…not letting them hug…But I'm going to be writing a presentation/paper to convince her parents to let her go to the faire. They're a bit overprotective so any arguments/convincing stuff would help. Thanks 😉 (totally not a scam to get more comments and make me feel cool)

Side note: he was also the first person who was able to speak Tudor era with me on a factual level. This is rare as my obsession for the Tudors runs just as deep and longer than my obsession for Star Wars. Most people get lost when I start my rant. Instead we were able to have an intellectual conversation. It felt amazing. I asked him to marry me. He laughed, brushing me off.

Eventually Luke, Bianca and Ido, an Israeli dude (I love Jews) went with me to a bar. They let us in for free because of some event for hostel people. Cool. We also got a free tequila shot. As Bianca doesn't drink Tequila now..she gave hers to Luke. Bad idea. Later he shut himself in the bathroom for so long that I went in, the guys bathroom, twice to check on him. The second time, some guy, possibly a bouncer, who worked there came in and shooed me out…oops.

All's good that ends well. Safe in bed. Feeling better. An ice cream cone and a nice person can do wonders to the soul. It helps if the ice cream is chocolate and dulce de leche (caramel)

Sorry didn't get to give you any pics. It's difficult considering I was playing rugby and going to bars… HAHAHA sucks.

See you next time.