1. I feel more comfortable in sneakers than heels. Why put my feet through the pain called heels when I can just wear a pair of comfy sneakers that’s easier to move around in.
2. Along that lines…I prefer comfort over style. A tee and shorts over a short dress. A giant oversized shirt over a mini skirt. If I had to wake up in the morning, I could totally be blind. Just put one arm in the pants drawer, one arm in the shirts drawer and wear whatever came out.
3. Sports are literally my life. And I’m not talking about being a trackie and running, I’m talking about contact sports. If you don’t watch yourself, you’re going to get hurt. Go hard or go home.
4. I am one of the biggest Star Wars obsessed people you will ever meet. Extended universe and all. I’ve got a sith robe, a Darth Vader mask and a custom made dueling grade lightsaber. Come at me bro!
5. And apparently I already think I’m a guy as I entered the guys’ bathroom several times in the last few days. Twice intentional, once accidental. A bouncer escorted me out the second intentional time…oops. And a woman chased me down when I entered accidentally. *Looks up, sees a dude, back tracks. Shit*

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