After a week and a half of not playing rugby, the whole travelling makes a damper on making practices, I realized there are a bunch of similarities between the team here and my team in the U.S. GO WARTHOGS!!!

So in honor of my first rugby game in Argentina on Saturday and Geneseo Women’s Rugby going to nationals this weekend, (Good Luck!!!!) I decided to note down the similarities.

1. There are a lot of gay people on the team. Haha, surprise surprise.

2. One of the first questions you get asked is if you are straight, gay or bi.

3. Jennifer Lawrence is the woman. Although I think this applies out of rugby teams as well.

4. People are really friendly and open. One of the reasons I fell in love with rugby and :O like it better than soccer/football now. Don’t tell my brother, he might disown me.

5. There are experienced players and there are new players. We are all learning and playing the sport together.

Basically, rugby is awesome no matter where you are, is the moral of the story. 🙂

In other sports related news, I got invited to train with the Club Belgrano team (soccer/futbol). Apparently this is a big deal as they are the best team in the area. O.O I’m going on Monday, wish me luck.