Parties around the city!!!
Or just parades/music festivals.
Of course the one day I didn’t bring my camera walking around the city, there’s this giant parade/march. It was in honor of Dia de Memoria. As Amelia so lovingly puts it, “Red Scare on steroids.” Basically they’re celebrating it is no longer happening and lamenting that it happened. Lots of other political stuff and things I don’t understand.

However the immense size and amount of people filling the streets marching with their respective groups was breathtaking. People were shouting, people were chanting, people were singing and there were some people that had an expression of…why am I here again? Haha I get that feeling.
But people were setting off the small fireworks and people were dancing. Some people tried walking up to us and selling food. Others shoved flyers in our hands or rained it on our head. Overall a great big party. With lots of political stuff.
Courtesy of Amelia for the pictures (See more of her pictures at her Tumblr
Then last night we found out about a concert in the park. Cool, free music, just chilling- right?
The first band playing was maybe a metal band? There was defeinitely a ‘mosh pit’ at one point. And I think the singer might have been yelling. But there were saxes and trombones…but there was a ‘mosh pit’….so confused. However the singer was a bit cute. He was so energetic, bouncing up and down, pumping his fist.
“Those r’s are just so sexy.”
“He’s my one true love…of Cordoba…today.”
Oh Amelia.

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