Not that I constantly updated or anything, but I want to apologize for the delay. Due to changing around the way I back up files, specifically photos, everything has gotten a bit messed up and I don’t want to try 10 different things at once and risk losing pictures as I thought I had done several times before.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to sit down and take care of everything either because of sleeping, class or sucky internet. But also I am leaving for Mendoza tonight. I will not be back until Monday. Hopefully I will be too busy having fun to have time to update or I may just not have internet.

Promise I’ll make it up when I’m back. Look forward to this week’s matte of the week, next week’s matte of the week, more stuff on Uruguay and Buenos Aires, life down here in general and Mendoza.

So come back next week and I promise I’ll surprise you with lots of beautiful pictures from Mendoza. Possibly some including me being soaked or wine drunk. Oops did I say that. 🙂