From the first week of being reunited with Amelia, she has told me stories of her Baradero friends. “We just hang around drinking matte and eating all day. Then we drink all night and no one ever sleeps.” She must have told me that a million times.

Baradero is a town about 2 hours outside of Buenos Aires. She decided to visit them for the week that I planned on being in Buenos Aires, so she invited me along. A couple days in the country, sure why not.

Everything she told me was true.

During the day, we went to the park, hung around drinking matte. People played the guitar and others sang. We talked and joked around. They asked us questions and smoked. We smiled and looked pretty. (Well that’s a given XD)

Matte in the park with Baraderos people

Ivan, the guy one the right, I found out also likes anime and manga and all those wonderful nerdy things. So of course we started exchanging our favorite series. We both love Ranma ½, the original Pokemon and original Yu-Gi-Oh and Death Note. I told him he has to watch Code Geass. CAUSE IT’S THE BEST!!!!
Ivan proposing to Amelia

Chilling at Mel’s, Mel is the one in the center sitting down with the white shirt and black sweater

Then at night, everyone would come to Mel’s house, Amelia and I were staying with her. We would all sit around and drink matte or drink fernet, an old Italian man’s drink that’s good for the digestion, and talk. Until 4 AM. They smoked, I tried to stay awake. Mel and I made fun of Amelia. Mel scolded me for not talking more. Seriously, it’s sometimes so hard to put in a word edge-wise while Amelia’s around.
“Sos mala.”
“No soy mala. Soy la buenisima.”
That exchange totally didn’t happen at least 20 times each night.

I felt so lazy there. Since we went to sleep at 4 AM, we got out of bed around 2, to have lunch. And even then, we just lazed around.

One day we went to a BBQ and met Mel’s family. I have to say, those little kids were actually cute. And I normally don’t do kids. And then that night Mel cooked for us, we had wine and homemade tiramisu. AKA my stomach was cheering and begging for an encore. But actually…that might have been all we did that day. Haha. But it was really relaxing and the people there were awesome.

So if you’re in Buenos Aires and want to get out, especially when the music festival is happening in Baradero, I totally recommend it. Although it might be a bit difficult if you don’t speak Spanish.

Photos are courtesy of Amelia’s Tumblr. If you want to see more, including tons of pictures of me, flattering and non-flattering ones, go to the following page: