The first night was our welcome party asado. An asado is a BBQ of lots of meat. A very Argentinian thing. YAY meat! Not yay that they started cooking at like 11. So we had dinner at 12 or later. Which meant we got some time to chill at the hostel. AND LUKE WAS IN MENDOZA!!! So guess what…he came to come chill with us. I also met Amelia’s friend from Mendoza, Luciano for a couple of minutes.

Until we got food, of course we got beer. I greatly regretted the fact that I did not bring my warm fluffy sweatshirt because by then adrenaline was no longer coursing through my system. Oh well.

Sometime before or during the asado, Mau and Kim met. They also exchanged their love of Star Wars and general nerdiness, so when we all sat together, we had a mini nerd-gasim. SO MUCH STAR WARS-ness. In fact, we noticed that there was also a girl named Leah there. OMG LUKE AND Leia!!! Reunited at last! But wait…we also have a Ben. Old Ben Kenobi, Obi-Won! KIM YOU ARE BOBA FETT. I swear, it’s because of the green hair and of course because she’s awesome. And Amelia can be nothing but C3PO. Which elicited many laughs from us. She didn’t understand. It’s just because she talks a lot…and stuff. Heehee. I’m R2D2 considering my R2D2 tank and hat and I have to deal with Amelia on a daily basis. (I personally think it’s because I’m just a bad ass.) Mau, an ewok. He’s like a mutated giant ewok, but actually not that big. And then the creepy monkey painting on the wall was Palpatine. All the while that we are talking about all this, Ken’s sitting there. By the way I could have sworn at that point his name was Kevin. Oops. He is not as into all this stuff as we are. But when given the opportunity to be Darth Vader, he took it up with open arms. He even consented to allow Kim Fett to disintegrate people this time around. All in all a good time.

Since we were told that we had to get up around 8 the next morning, Amelia and I did what only 2 logical teenagers would do. We went out to the boliches (bar-dance clubs) with Luke. Viva la joda!

First place we went to was a scrub. The second place was more of a pub type place with live music. So people are just sitting around, drinking or eating at like 2 in the morning and we walk in. Luke goes in between all the tables and just starts dancing. Screw it. I totally joined him. So the two of us are dancing. Everyone was probably thinking, haha drunk foreigners. Last laugh was on them though. Luke starts talking to some people, so I end up dancing alone.

And then the song ends, so we’re thinking okay next. However the main singer says something pointing to me. I was pretty sure he was calling me up for some reason, but whenever someone points to you asking you to come up, I always think they’re pointing to the person right behind me. With some prompting for the girls at the table in front, I go up. He says more things and asks where I’m from. “Los estados unidos.” “Bienvenido.” And he gives me a little paper with ‘Champ’ checked off. The other things on the list were Fernet and vodka, but what the hell was champ? Luke figured it out. Champagne. So I go to the bar expecting to get a free glass of champagne. Lo and behold, I ended up with a bottle of champagne. Fucking free bottle of champagne for being foreign and dancing. So we decide to stay a bit longer and Amelia joins us dancing.

And get this. The other people start dancing. Literally all those people who were sitting and talking were now standing, clapping and dancing. Guess they want their own free bottle of champagne. But hey, we totally started that. I claim nearly all credit for everyone dancing. Luke also deserves credit though. I swear it was like a movie. It was quite magical.

The next morning wasn’t quite so magical, but at least the night was good. XD