As I lay here in bed, watching Marvel Agents of shield which is currently buffering, I decide to look back at the last few days which had mainly consisted of drinking, dancing and sleeping. There have been a couple of breaks between the 3, but not many.

Thursday: Right after rugby practice, I met up with everyone at a Tapas bar to celebrate Mau’s birthday.

Tapa Bar!!!!

I smelled absolutely wonderful, but no one said anything so, cool. However, mosquitoes are now my mortal enemy. I swear, there is not a spot on my body that doesn’t persistently itch from the dratted bugs. JUST BECAUSE I AM EXOTIC DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD EAT ME!!!

Friday: I like cooking and haven’t been able to cook in awhile. So Bianca offered her kitchen for me to cook dinner for all of us. Despite my brother’s arguments otherwise, I think I’m a pretty good chef. Pasta, chicken, peppers, onions and cheese, YUM. I got myself a food belly. And what is food without drinks. And what is Friday without beer. So after I had the food belly, I got the beer belly. D:!!!!

I swear I didn’t put anything in the food!!!

So unfortunately I had to switch to fernet, the old Italian man drink. It’s very bitter and I still can’t say I love it. But bar time came and we went to a Boliche (bar) that was quite nice, Pulse. Good music, good crowd, Mau danced really funny. You know, the norm.

At one point though a guy came up to us.

“Where are you from?”
“United States.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“I am from the U.S.”
“Show me some documentation.”
“Ummm..I’m really from the U.S.”
“Documentation, documentation!”

(Except it was all in Spanish…he was weird)

Saturday: I had gotten home at around 6 AM and my body has this unfortunate habit of waking up at 10 AM…every morning. But I was able to force myself back to sleep for a bit, waking up in time for lunch. Oh lunch was painful. Fernet hangover is the worst hangover ever.

“Hey, meet at 3 PM to go to the rugby game.”

Oh, fuck.

Ready to go!
Ready to go!

After gaining some semblance of doing okay, I left for rugby. Hmm…not exactly a smart idea. So this is my first rugby game with this team. They play 7’s, which would be my first time playing 7’s. Didn’t throw up during warm ups…that was good. And I started by watching. It was a very messy game. My coach, from home, would have flipped so many shits for so many reasons.

When I finally got in, I remembered how much it hurt to tackle people. Or was it because I was doing it improperly? Or because the ground felt like concrete? Or because I was hung over? Either way OUCH!!! By the end, of the 3 x 7 minute game, I was leaning on my knees, trying to keep from puking. My knees were bleeding. I had teeth marks on my neck. My shoulder was killing me. And then we had to sit on the field forever and a half after while the mosquitoes bit me alive…again.

My shoulder is all scratched up, my knees are bloody, bring it bitch
My shoulder is all scratched up, my knees are bloody, bring it bitch
And I got bit on my neck...and I didn't even get her name
And I got bit on my neck…and I didn’t even get her name

On the bright side, we had a drink-up type thing after where they fed me hamburgers. I was very pensive, trying to figure out if I sucked because I haven’t played in forever or because I was lazy or because I was hung over. Hopefully not the first reason. But everyone was like, are you tired? Too lazy to explain, I said yes. So the couch fills up a cup of beer and hands it to me. Cool, beer. So I give him an empty cup in front of me because I thought he gave me his cup.

“Haha look at that girl, I give her a cup of beer and she gives me an empty cup.”

Wait, was the cup not for me? Did you only mean to give me a taste? Oops.

So I get home finally and Amelia’s like, it’s time to go out.

Huh? Ouch?

“Give me 15 to shower.”

And now I am just going to relish in my bed and pray that my body does kill me tomorrow. Wish me luck!