On my days alone in Buenas Aires, I decided to get some serious exploring done. However I had a bunch of ideas for my story. I have been and am currently writing a book. Won’t give away any spoilers, but I think it’s awesome. I may just be biased though.

Sitting and writing
Sitting and writing

People were playing with the little boats on the water, like you see little kids or old men do in the movies, it was kinda cool
People were playing with the little boats on the water, like you see little kids or old men do in the movies, it was kinda cool
Creepy wire lizard sculptures
Creepy wire lizard sculptures
My awesome tree that I sat beneath and as the words flowed from my pencil I was reminded of how fucked up my writing can get and I was proud
My awesome tree that I sat beneath and as the words flowed from my pencil I was reminded of how fucked up my writing can get and I was proud

First park I stopped at :)
First park I stopped at 🙂

Statue at the park
Statue at the park

Anyway, in Buenos Aires, there is a park every 10 feet. (Although that might be a bit of an exaggeration) So I decided to set off in the direction of the cemetery with Eva Petron as I had heard it was beautiful. Every time I came across a park, I sat and wrote a bit. My pencil flowed across the page and once I came to a point where I needed to think hard about how I wanted to continue, I moved on.
Along my walk I ran into an art faire. So of course I had to stop and bought myself my matte, a bracelet and a shot glass for a kinda brother person…don’t ask it’s confusing. The guy whom I bought the bracelet from also gave me instructions on how I could make it myself. I also make jewelry. Started with beaded work and had recently gotten into metal work. So YAY more ideas.

Bridge outside the market

Living artwork, awesome right?

Surprisingly the faire was right next to the cemetery. I bought myself a pack of Jorjitos (an awesome, possibly best brand of Alfajores) and went into the cemetery.

All I can say is how disgusting it is that people live on the streets while the dead get these gorgeous mausoleums that are bigger than some people’s homes.

The next day, my goal was to explore the Bosques de Palermo, which I also heard was quite pretty. Also I heard there was an observatory which sounded pretty cool. Lo and behold, I encountered a rose garden.

I like roses a lot, so I chilled there. And there was an event going on so I was able to listen to the music they were playing. Except I wanted to listen to my own music…so then I just cut the world off and listened to my ipod. Haha being anti-social.

Sometime after getting my bus ticket and doing some more wandering around, I ended up at San Telmo Fair, the fair Amelia and I went to my first night in Buenos Aires. So of course I bought myself more things…including the wood ring that I lost on the Mendoza trip :(. I also bought a present for my adopted brother and my mom. They both have the ability to read this sooooo it’s a secret. Shhhhhh

But the square right outside the market has all these important buildings that were lit up all pretty. There was a church and a government building and some cool statues.

Then afterwards I was a very sad person. See I heard about this bar, it’s called Jobs. It has archery and darts and beer. Well duh it has beer. But I was leaving that night and I still hadn’t had the chance to go and shoot things while drinking beer. So of course I had to go.

Let me also put this in perspective…I had approximately 3 ½ hours before I had to catch the bus to go back to Cordoba. Before I went to the bus terminal, I needed to return to the hostel to pick up my backs. This is a 5-10 minute subway ride pending the wait in the subway station. At night the subways run less than normal. In addition, Argentina is notorious for being late.

Now that we have the situation in perspective: I get to the bar and the archery dude isn’t there. Instead I sit next to the bar tender who is watching a soccer/futbol match, chill with him and order a pitcher of beer. HEY it’s cost efficient. Since coming to Argentina, I have not been impressed with the soccer/futbol I see on the TV. However I had to give props to the goalie of River Plate. Being a goalie, I appreciate watching a good goalie. (Specially since the goalies I’ve seen so far on TV haven’t been that good)

FINALLY, right before I finish the pitcher, the archery dude comes in. I have to leave within a half hour to feel confident of catching the train. Fortunately, you pay for the number of shots, not the length of time. So I took my 6 shots. I will not comment on my aim at that time, but will point out the last time I did archery I hit the yellow most of the time. And then it was time to leave.

The subway back to the hostel took a bit because I had to wait for it. Grabbed my stuff at the hostel and had to wait a bit for the next subway to the terminal. Which also took a bit, but I was still on schedule. Except…fuck…I was going the wrong direction. Shit, I don’t have time to spare. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…I jump off the train. Okay, please, please, PLEASE don’t make me wait for a while for one in the opposite direction.

I study the map.

Oh crap.

The subway going in the opposite direction comes and goes.

I was on the correct subway in the first place.

I get on the next one. Get off. Need to make a change. I’m sitting. And waiting.

“How long until the next subway do you think?” I desperately ask the guy next to me.
“Like 10 minutes.”
I glance at my watch. The bus is supposed to be leaving in 10 minutes.
He offers to call them up for me as my phone is dead because apparently they will wait a couple minutes for you.
The customer service office is closed.

I’m literally hyperventilating on the subway.

The doors open and I run off. A plastic grocery bag filled with alfajores in my hand and a giant hiking backpack on my back. My legs feel like jelly, I’m short of breath and I’m scared I’m going to trip over myself and fall flat on the group.

I glance at the ticket. Platform 9 ¾ (JK platforms 16-20) There’s a guy standing outside a bus with the same brand as the one listed on my ticket.

In desperation and hope I walk up to him.
I show him my ticket. “Is this my bus?”

Oh and did I mention that the bus was empty and people were JUST STARTING TO GET ON!

Fucking Argentinan time.