I was leaving for Buenos Aires in the evening. So I had the whole day to do stuff before going.

Luke was planning on leaving Cordoba while I was away. So our last day together we went to the Cordoba Zoo despite the warnings that the zoo was a sad place that mistreated the animals and didn’t have the resources to give the animals what they needed.

In comparison to the Bronx zoo, which is the only zoo I normally go it, yeah it kinda sucked. But then again when I begin to think about how the animals are stuck in an exhibit their whole life on display for the world, it always makes me sad no matter how good their living conditions are.

Would you rather have to fight for your own survival but be free or would you rather be in a luxurious cage? Personally, I’d rather be free despite the conditions. Your answer may change your fate! (JK…but maybe in another world)

Cute seals, sad enclosure



Baboon Butt


Hippo and Hippo dick

Spider Monkeys

Monkey Friend


Anteater sexual assault


Llamas came after me from Peru!!!

Rabbit/fox like Patagonia animal and ostrich



Luke loved this ugly camel ahaha

Pretty bird

Goodbye Luke, I’m so glad I met you!

Except HAHA Luke came back!!! (We met up with him in Mendoza and he missed us so much he came back! 😀 –or maybe I’m just full of myself)