So no matte of the week this week…sorry, in case you care. Life has gotten crazy and a bunch of shit happened. Plus I didn’t have a lot of matte this week except in my PJs with Amelia. Sorry you’re not getting a picture of me in PJs…at least not yet.

More bad news. You’re not going to get any posts for a week as we have a week of vacation. So of course I’m travelling. Going solo to Bariloche.

So this leads to the good news. I’m going to Bariloche. So you can expect a bunch of awesome posts and pictures when I get back. A little bit of bad news in that…I might just freeze my ass off. Why do I choose to do this for myself.

Anyway, if you get bored cause obviously your life revolves around my blog, I’m leaving you some presents:

You cannot resist the power of their cuteness!!!

If you want to start a new TV show, I reccomend

Procrastination to the max with

Of if you are feeling ambitious and want to learn a new language, here’s some free sites to do so:

Tell me if you learn anything interesting 🙂

Also some other cool blogs (or shameless plugs for friends):

If you’re feeling ambitious, there’s some english but mostly in Dutch,

Okay but for real, I love

Happy week!