So of course I was gone for a week and had a mate…no surprise there. But the thing was I met a bunch of awesome people at the hostel. Many of them have been travelling around Argentina. When I finally ask them…have you had mate or fernet? I was astounded by their resounding no’s. A bunch of them didn’t even know what a mate was.

Thanks to Amelia’s mate obsession I learned quite a bit about mates. How the gourd is a mate and the yerva, the herbs are also called mate. The traditional mate is the gourd mate, where you drink the mate from. But there are now ceramic mates, like the one I own, wood mates, glass mates…and well every single type of mate you can probably think of. I have not seen a star wars themed mate yet…soooo I’ll keep my eye out for that.

Anyway I got my friend, Marcus, a guy from Buenos Aires to help me make a mate. Since he was there and I wanted to give everyone the true Argentinian mate experience and I don’t often prepare the mate…he helped me out. These Argentinians are very specific about how they prepare their mate. Amelia and I…put some mate in the mate, get the hot water (not too hot or it will burn the yerva) and drink it. But he..nooo it had to be the perfect temperature. Put in the yerva, I think he may have mixed it around…dry. Pour in the water from the tea pot…it had to be from the tea pot and top it off with more yerva. He probably did some other little small things that I wasn’t exactly paying attention to, cause I mean it tastes the same.

Also I was tired. And the real reason behind the mate was that I wanted to drink it to wake myself up. Oh mate, how you save me sometimes.

And the victims of the night: