So on the bus to Campanario, I happened to notice a sign. Havannah Chocolate Museo. Uh oh.

Wes left, so it was time to go solo.

But it was still foggy.

Not very warm.

And I was still chilled from our hike.

But the museum was only around a 10 minute walk away.

And come on…Bariloche chocolate. Hello, it’s practically what Bariloche is known for based on the six chocolate stores you encounter every 2 steps.

I get in. 30 pesos to enter the museum. It comes with a small cup of hot chocolate and at the end 15 pesos off anything I buy. So basically it costs 15 pesos. And I get a free hot chocolate. Because come on, the probability of me leaving that place without at least a chocolate bar was slim to none.

The woman informs me that I can walk through the museum by myself and go at my own pace, or go with a Spanish speaking guide. As I hadn’t really spoken Spanish and that’s what I’m supposedly here for, I elected the latter. 2 seconds later a Dutch couple comes in and chooses the same. Of course I have to try out my Dutch. I love how people think my Dutch accent is pretty good…with the 10 words I know. Basically I should just learn more Dutch.

Caocao trees...a model just like the models in the chocolate museum in Cuzco
Caocao trees…a model just like the models in the chocolate museum in Cuzco

Caocao butter for white chocolate and the caocao powder
Caocao butter for white chocolate and the caocao powder

What you do is you take the bean, break it. Separate the butter from the powder. The more powder, the more bitter, which is the main component of dark chocolate. The more butter, the sweeter, which makes white chocolate. And a mix of the two makes milk chocolate.
Awwww look at the lamb
Awwww look at the lamb

Some cool information: hot chocolate was very rich before they added milk to it. It was extremely heavy so they would drink it with a cup of water.

At the end of the tour, I got talking to the Dutch couple again. They have plans to go to Cuzco. Of course I informed them about the chocolate museum there. I also informed them about the blog. I think I have some useful information in here along with all the interesting stuff. So if you guys are reading this, HI!

At the end, I had 15 pesos free for chocolate. Well not that I wasn’t going to buy something earlier. The woman at the counter was so sweet. She tried to help me choose which chocolate I wanted. Of course that was an extremely difficult decision…so many chocolate things to choose from. I settled for a bar of chocolate to taste test with plans to return. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to return. But the chocolate was very yummy!