So I covered the first Argentinian game, which was a huge eye opener how crazy these Argentinians get during the soccer/football matches. Now let’s take a look at the next one.

The second game was on a Saturday. Which was the same day as our second rugby regionales. Which is the reason I skipped out on a trip to Salta and Jujuy. Or maybe it was to go to that lesbian bar that Thursday with the team. They were both extremely important excuses. I was quite cross with myself when I didn’t have a camera and we got a pole dancing show. It was a waste of a perfectly good opportunity. But the way that they were able to support their bodies on the pole and the moves were incredible. AKA totally going to get my friend to teach me how to do that when I get back to the U.S.

HEY! It’s a really good exercise to tone up the abs!!!

The thing is though, I was sick last week. My throat hurt so bad I had Amelia talking for a me a bunch of the time. Oh the things she could have done with that. But she didn’t. Does that make her boring or a good person? Well, i think they’re both the same. O:)

So this rugby regionales was the last games I was playing with this team. And hey, I think I started to get a hang of the whole seven’s thing. And I TOTALLY SHOWED UP ON TIME!!! I was waiting on the field though while everyone else was eating breakfast in the club house. La puta madre!!!

Whatever, they found m. Made fun of me a bit for being late, but I was totally there on time to my horror of waking up at the ungodly hour of 7 AM. *Shivers in terror* Lunch time was game time. Time to watch the Argentinian team kick ass…or be stuck in a tie…for the whole game…until Messi- of course -scores in the last minutes. AND EVERYONE GOES CRAZY. I mean we’re not even in the center of the city or anything, but people are going insane and screaming. Oh Argentina, how I love you.

And this little cute kid comes over to give me a flower he picked. I was so confused. I’m like, what, what do you want with me. “El quiere darte un flor.” (He wants to give you a flower) my teammates inform me. Umm…ok?

Team shot!!!

Right before that picture was taken we took a picture of all the teams in the tournament holding up Powerade. Did they sponsor us or something? Hahaha