I’ve got to say that the topic of soccer consists one of my regrets of Cordoba. I did join a group of girls to play casual soccer throughout the semester. The majority were either new or relatively new players. Personally I was looking to play pick up ball, so the times when we were practice dribbling and passing…well I was a bit board.

Yes, yes die hard soccer people. Practice is good for me. But, well I’m lazy.

Either way I didn’t end up going to soccer as many times as I could have.

However the last few weeks, I found the ganas (desire – rough translation) to get off my lazy ass and go. Somehow they all remembered me and my name. I could recall some of their faces and forgot everyone’s name. I obviously suck as a person.

Maybe because of all the time I spent in Argentina.I was finally able to chat confidently and was able to joke around with the girls at soccer. So weeks before I was leaving was when I first exchanged numbers with the girls on the team. If I had done that earlier, messaged them, get to know them, I definitely would have had a lot more fun at soccer earlier on and would have been able to play more soccer.

Lo que hay.

But my last Sunday in Cordoba I was able to play in a game with some of the girls. It was their first game in a tournament in which they play a game every Sunday for several weeks. We kicked mad ass! I played the second half only and got a hat trick plus some.

Okay I admit that the other team wasn’t very good, but I’m still allowed to be proud of myself. 🙂

My last practice was Tuesday night, my last night in Cordoba. Since I had an exam, I couldn’t stay for long. Actually I was only able to stay for a half hour. For practice we ended up splitting into 3 teams, rotating on the field. After warm ups and splitting up the teams, my team was versing another team while the last team was sitting.

By the time that the game had finished and we were rotating teams, it was time for me to leave. Actually it was the perfect time to leave, to give the pinny back to the coach and scadaddle.

Everything stopped.

(The following conversation is an approximate of what actually was said in spanish)

“Wait Tahlia…are you leaving?”


“And this is your last practice?”


I suddenly was surrounded by people hugging me, wishing me best of travels and kissing me on the cheek good-bye (I mean we are in Argentina) I must have kissed 10-15 girls good-bye, the ones whom I knew the best and I turned to the rest blowing them kisses good-bye.

But no, it didn’t end there. I got caught up in a group hug, girls jumping around me singing my name like the people in the center did when Argentina won its world cup games. Awww I’m as special as a workd cup game. (JK I know I’m not)

And then as a final touch they made a bridge for me to go through. A month or so ago they made a bridge for a girls birthday where she ran through and they hit her as she ran through. “Son locas” I told my friend that day. Now they were doing the same thing to me.

Of course I sprinted through to annoy them, so they weren’t much able to hit me.

“Otra vez, otra vez!”

I ran through again.

“Otra vez, otra vez”

I ran through again.

“Otra vez, otra vez”

Well this time I decided to hit back a little. :3

Thank you to all the girls on soccer who loved me despite my low attendance ❤