I am awesome, special and who doesn’t miss me when I’m gone.

By the way I am extremely humble as well before anyone else gets to that.

So my mommy missed me since I’ve been gone for so long and I’ve got a couple more weeks left. Therefore she came to visit me!

Awww look how happy she is
Awww look how happy she is

After mechanical failure on the plane (I thought for awhile it was because of the weather but I was corrected), the plane was grounded, the flight was cancelled and I was already on the bus to Buenos Aires to pick her up. Planning on getting in several hours before her in order to escort her from the airport to the hotel.

A night where I slept uncomfortably on the bus, strange because I normally sleep well on buses, my family desperately tried to reach me in order to inform me of the cancelled, then rescheduled flight for the following morning. Which would cause her to get in a good 12 hours later than expected. And I found myself with an empty day to myself to do whatever I desired. (Hey bed, how’s it going)

Then, like the good daughter I am, I got to the airport early. Supposedly these buses that were less expensive ran every 30 minutes to the airport and the journey took an hour. So I went to the bus place a little more than 2 hours before her plane was supposed to land. (I do not trust the Argentinian time table after living here for 4 months) Of course they get me there around an hour before her flight was supposed to land. And even when her flight landed, it took another hour for her to get off the plane. I read a lot of creepy stories from Creepy Catalog. If you like scary stuff, they’re a good facebook page to follow.

Woooo!!! Selfie shot But as you can see we're both good and having a great time1(That's for you dad)
Woooo!!! Selfie shot But as you can see we’re both good and having a great time! (That’s for you dad)