So back home in the U.S. But hey, can’t stop me from drinking my mate. I did bring home yerba specifically in order to drink more mate. (Especially without paying an arm and a leg. Which by the way is what I feel like I am paying every time I take out my wallet in comparison to South America prices. AKA go to South America, stuff is cheaper there!!!)

But then again, mates alone are boring and kinda sad. What else could I do but introduce this wonderfully addicting drink to my friends. And they LOVED it. Well maybe love is a strong word. One of them had already had mate. Apparently he has an Argentine friend. Okay, well then. But he never had it like we always did. I think he had it cocido, in a bag. Which is totally cheating. Another one of my friends took a sip, grimaced and handed it back to me. I of course drank the rest without complaint. Otherwise they definitely liked it. 🙂

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