Just being 'dorbz
Just being ‘dorbz

So mate and I had a 1 week hiatus, now we’re back together. We just needed a break. It was a mutual separation, but we realized we couldn’t live without one another. Or at least I realized without a mate I can’t stay up past 2 AM without lots of struggle. And well, I wanted to stay up past 2 AM last night. Apparently if I have a mate around 12, I can stay up until 5 AM. I’m so proud of myself.

I’m writing this with a mate beside me because I’m WIPED. 5 AM sleep, 8 AM wake-up. Nothing in comparison to my friend who slept 40 minutes last night. She is a beast and way more practiced in the art of sleep deprivation. And I actually did things today. I went to that evil place called NYC. It was fun…and evil! -says the girl with a country heart.