Since I’ve been talking and obsessing over my experience on the ranch recently, I figure I might as well write about that this week.

Sayta is a ranch in northern Argentina, right outside Salta. This was my last stop in Argentina before going to Peru. It’s right near the border of Bolivia and Chile so it’s a great tourist stop when you are crossing the border.

#1 have to hand it to Sayta, I heard or saw through at least 5 different mediums that Sayta existed. TripAdvisor, I believe, highly recommended it. It wasn’t hard to see why.

I initially purchased 2 days of riding and 1 night. By the way, this would be my 3rd time on a horse, and the first time doesn’t really count. It was one of those 30 minutes trail rides where you sit on a horse and do nothing. The second time was in Argentina, just outside Cordoba with Luke which you can read about in my earlier post . That was an awesome experience and I learned TONS!!! So I’m signing up for 4- 3 hour long horseback riding sessions. If you didn’t think I was crazy before, you probably should by now.

I arrive at the ranch in the morning with 2 German girls. One who’s Spanish and English is fluent and the other who can speak passable English. Our guide is a young dude and the girl who is fluent strikes up a conversation with him. I don’t get how people are just able to talk to random people. I have to ramble and stumble around until I find something remotely interesting to talk about. But it didn’t really matter, I was too busy trying to get a feel for the horse and recalling all the facts I’ve learned about horseback riding from my mom (who rode horses as a kid), the other time I went horseback riding- Luke gave me some tips and from the Trixie Beldon books I read as a kid. HEY those were good books!!!

Starting off- Don't I already look like a professional
Starting off- Don’t I already look like a professional
The whole area is a town filled with fields
The whole area is a town filled with fields
Follow the leader
Follow the leader


Awwww look at my horse!!!
Awwww look at my horse!!!
It was also surrounded by happiness, pure mountains...I mean switch that
It was also surrounded by happiness, pure mountains…I mean switch that

But then we stopped. Our guide took us to the side and had us stop at a fence.

Ahh I get it, it's picture time
Ahh I get it, it’s picture time

NOPE…it was I am going to die time.






Well that’s me…that’s the guide helping my horse go fast without going out of control. He asked if I wanted to gallop and of course I couldn’t resist a challenge.

But let me remind you. 3rd time on a horse. 2nd time really riding a horse.

My hand was gripping the saddle so hard it hurt. My butt kept on bouncing up and down. My legs felt like they had no traction, no squeeze to them to keep me there.

My hand kept me alive. The adrenaline was pumping, tears squeezing out the corners of my eyes and I knew- I knew if my hand let go, I was dead.

But I’m not! Woot!!!

It was AWESOME!!!

Of course then we started our way back. But it doesn’t end there!!!

When we got back, as soon as we got off the horse, we were invited to sit down and relax with either wine or water. That was a difficult choice because it was hot and I knew I hadn’t been drinking enough water recently. In the end, we got both. In regards to the wine…I doubt it got closer to 1/4 empty throughout the two days and when we weren’t riding horses it was rare to see the glass more than a foot away from my hands. So. Much. Wine.

….To Be Continued