Yay more mate! Technically more pictures of mate. Just because I wasn’t posting about it doesn’t mean I wasn’t drinking it. I’m a college student…who doesn’t drink coffee, mate is a necessity. So I had this art assignment due last week. I was even good and started it like 3 weeks ago. But I had to be an overachiever and a perfectionist. 2 weeks of work didn’t even get me half finished. And I had one night left. Mate it was! And I worked and I worked and finally…

I threw in the towel. 7 boxes left, several mates and an ungodly hour in the morning. My hand couldn’t take it anymore. My imagination was wrung dry and I still had an early class the next day. Yes. I gave in.

Fortunately my professor didn’t collect it the next day. Praise the heavens! She’s collecting it today…in like 30 minutes…

But I finished it! Mate always comes to the rescue. It’s my hero.