Wow this summer has gone by so quick. I was waiting for the summer to begin since March when I got accepted by Birthright for a free trip to Israel. Sometimes it’s damn awesome being Jewish (most of the time even).

It took me a year, but I finally left the country again. This time it wasn’t alone. Two of my best friends came on the trip with me, Brandon and Kevin.

Kevin's so excited to go travelling with me!
Kevin’s so excited to go travelling with me!

The first thing I realized on the trip was that I hate travelling as a group. One other thing was I am really awkward in a group of strangers. In general I’m pretty socially awkward. There were around 40 people on the trip and everyone was chilling in the same area, waiting for the whole group to arrive. Despite the pit in my stomach and my intense desire to bring out my phone and be anti-social or just talk to Brandon and Kevin, I tried to introduce myself to people as they arrive.

“Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m weird.”

“Um, okay…”

Awkward silence.

I always considered saying, ‘I’m weird’ is a pretty good conversation starter. On the way back to the airport at the end of the trip, he told me that it isn’t. Instead he thought I was weird in a bad way. Cause there’s good weird and bad weird, like creepy. 😥 He thought I was creepy

In regards to the actually travelling, I won’t bore you with the annoying details of how our plane got delayed for FOREVER and we all thought we were going to miss our layover in Brussels. (Ahhh I miss Belgium so much!!! It broke my heart to stop there without staying and we had to rush so I didn’t even have a chance to buy waffles or chocolate or speculoos) Let’s just say by the end, we were all tired and probably a bit cranky.

We landed in Tel Aviv, but the first thing we did was board a bus to Jerusalem. Even then we didn’t go directly to the hotel. We went to this overlook point.

Night view over Jerusalem
Night view over Jerusalem

From here we could see a mosque, the supposed site of Abraham’s covenant where he almost sacrificed his son Isaac and a bunch of other cool sites. (INSERT LINK TO STORY)

I suppose I should say site, cause that’s what our guide says. But although I’m Jewish, I don’t exactly follow Judaism religiously. It’s more of a cultural aspect for me.

After we got a chance to take a lot of pictures, we did some blessings for our arrival in Israel.

And so began my Israel trip.

Hi from Israel!
Hi from Israel!

So on the way to Israel, one of our councilors told us to write a short thing about what we expected from Israel. I was writing in my journal and found no need to write another thing on a separate piece of paper to give to her that should could read if she chose. However, she was a bit insistent. So I wrote a few things I expected from the trip.

1. Alfajores (according to my Israeli friend, they have Alfajores in Israel)

2. Mate (Again according to my Israeli friend, they have mate in Isreal (Is Israel just Argentina with another language?))

3. Chocolate Milk in a bag (Nothing to do with Argentina. By my friend told me they have chocolate milk in a bag, like actually in a bag, and it’s really good)

I was being very emotional about this trip ^.^