It’s no fun getting on a good responsible sleep schedule, especially when it’s to make sure you fulfill all your responsibilities. This is even more true when you know when you’re about to mess that beautiful sleep schedule up.

Hello Vegas!

I’ve been dreaming about coming to Vegas 7s Rugby for around a year since I’ve heard of it. (It was literally in my dreams the other night) Then I got the opportunity to play there- here with the Stars (Thanks Liz!!) So basically this last month, since I was accepted to play with the Stars, has been a series of days, hours and minutes expectantly waiting to be HERE.

I got here later than most everyone else on the team (guys and girls) because I pretend to be a responsible student and person every now and then. As such when I heard that at some point during training we’d be scrimmaging the Japanese women’s team, I didn’t know if I had already missed it or if I would arrive at the exact right time.

So I am in love with Japan and Japanese culture. (No, unfortunately I have not yet as of now gone to Japan, but I promise one day) However I have watched way too much anime and read way too much manga than I care to admit, I practice Okinawa Karate and I’m learning how to speak Japanese. #dyingtotestitout

No go.

They were tired from their scrimmage the previous day and backed out. 😦 So the two Stars women’s teams scrimmaged one another instead.

After a golrious morning in the sun and heat, approximately 80 degrees F (it’s like 30 degrees up at school HAHA) we convened at one of the houses and chilled around the pool in the back. Hello Spring Break Edition: Rugby.

Photo cred goes to my friend and fellow rugger Amy

But since we were so amazing in the morning, our afternoon session got cancelled and so came some free time. Some of my friends wanted to get their shaved designs touched up. I  thought, why not go with them. I’ve been needing a haircut, like a trim, you know.




Well, I’ve also been wanting to change things up :3

So I wrote this out yesterday but had to wait until today to post this due to technical issues soooo pretend this is the night before the tournament started.

I’m writing this as I’m waiting for potentially some of the toughest rugby I’ve played in my life. I’m so damn psyched and a little nervous. But when you’re passionate about something, you’ve got to keep moving forward and leave it all on the table when it’s all said and done.

So follow @starsrugby on Twitter for live updates on the Stars games, I’m playing on Stars 2 Women’s Elite. And you can also catch the matches on