It only really sinked in yesterday that I’m leaving the country today. I called my mom.

“So I just realized I won’t be able to call you for the next few days.”

“Yes, that’s what happens when you leave the country.”

Thanks mom -____-

Considering that this trip was planned less than a week ago, booked my ticket around 4 days ago.

So why so last minute?

Well…kinda like the answer to everything in my life.

“What are your plans this weekend?” “Why do you need to borrow a pair of tall socks?” “What are you majoring in?”


Okay, I’m not actually majoring in rugby. Officially. Considering my time commitment and effort I put into rugby during my college career, it might as well be my major. Unfortunately I feel obligated to correct my home friends when they assume rugby is my major.

So I’m obsessed.

It brings beautiful things into my life. Especially a trip to the Caribbean during the winter. I am leaving the snow (I drove through it to get to the airport -sucks school friends :P) to go soak in some rays and kick some rugby ass.