Why plan out your life when you can just pick up your bags at a moment’s notice, send out a quick farewell on Instagram and pack off to another country.

Here we go.  Living in another country for 5 months.  Yup I said 5 months.  What you may ask am I doing in the beautiful northern Spain, in Basque county, in the quaint city of Getxo.  That answer similar to every answer in my life pretty much for the last year is for rugby.

Yes, I am living the dream, living, breathing, playing rugby and saying good-bye to good old USA.

It’s easy to make friends when you’re ruggers.  Also Esko and I both know some weird Hawai’in. Damn didn’t notice we got photo bombed…props

This trip’s jet-lag has been the worst jet-lag that has ever hit me.  And I think I just realized why.  I thought I was adjusting from East Coast time, but was just in Cali.  Maybe my body never adjusted to East Coast before going back another 6 hours.  Hmmm…

So you say jet-lag, how bad is this jet-lag.  Well to give a little example, a moment I pride myself on is when I went to Belgium with a group of girls to join their girl scout equivalent camp program.  Me, having never experienced girl scout may not be qualified to comment on this, but their girl scout was so much cooler.  This was a 2-3 week thing where we built our own structures by lashing rope and tree trunks and put a tent on top.  To make sure the structure was stable, you have to dig pretty deep holes to put the trunks in.  I couldn’t sleep on the plane to Belgium – way too hyped up and was busy binge watching the movie selection.  Then we got on a train to take us to the country, got picked up by a car to bring us to our camping spot and lug our luggage to the center of  the camping site (which housing 50+ girls, it was pretty big).  I still had energy and didn’t want to take a nap so I ended up starting to dig our latrine for our time there.  (Don’t you love the feel of fresh air on your butt when you poop)  This was 2-3 weeks so you can imagine we wanted a pretty large hole.

Back to Spain, I arrive at the apartment which I’m sharing with 2 other ruggers and go to the store for food.  Because I mean…it’s food.  I get the staples (eggs) and discover they are lacking all of the spice options.  I guess they have the staples, garlic, pepper, salt, oregano.  But where’s my turmeric, my paprika, my cumin.  The horror.  I thought Spain likes to spice their food, what’s up with that?  (I have not yet gone out for food here and cannot comment first-hand or non-Americanized.  I will keep you updated)

We get back, I unpack.  Get my electronics situated.  You know Wi-Fi connection, the life and blood of our generation.  And suddenly I don’t have anything to do for a bit until training.  So again ask me how tired I was?  I almost slept through training.  I couldn’t barely believe how dark it was when my eyes opened.  But I made it as above picture proves.  That’s my first 2 Getxo trainings in the book!!!!  (Can you tell I’m pretty pumped?  If you can’t I will start using more exclamation marks, maybe add some background colors, change the font size BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING)

I have this opportunity to play rugby.  No other responsibilities.  So suck it work:giphy