I got up ready to start my day and maybe not wear gym clothes for the first time since we had the day off from training.  I put on a pair of jeans and a tank because the sun looked gorgeous outside.  Then one of the guys from the club came to check on my heater (mi calificación) because it isn’t working and while it may not yet be cold….well when it gets cold I will NEED a heater.  It’s a wonder I survived upstate New York given my abhorrence for the cold.  And he comes in with a tee shirt and shorts?!?!?!!  In November!!!!  Walking around the other day, they’re wearing sweaters and jackets while I’m chilling in a t-shirt.  So immediately change into shorts.

So the roomies and I head out for lunch and some errands.  Going back to my last post, still trying to disprove that there aren’t spices here so we checked out every market we encountered.  We found Cayenne pepper and chili powder and a girl on the team got us thyme and turmeric but COME ON!  One of the stops on our trip was to get a sim card for me so I didn’t rely on very expensive international plan from the US or on WiFi, which although abundant isn’t absolutely everywhere.  We got there just before siesta time 13:30-16:30 most everything is closed, but apparently I need my passport to get a sim card even though it’s without a contract.  Whatever.

Now it’s beautiful weather, seriously chilling outside in my tank and shorts (again hate the cold or being cold so you can imagine how beautiful it was – or just imagine 70 degrees F) so there’s no reason to head home directly.  Then Ora mentions the beach.  Yes the beach is walking distance from home.

5 – 10 minutes walk from home!


We get their gorgeous view to overlook the water, which has tons of benches.  Score, new writing spot.  And then we can also go down to the beach.

Free ice bath recovery

There’s also an elevator to come down.  There are elevators on the streets.  People here walk everywhere so we’re guessing these elevators are for the parents with strollers or the elderly that have difficulties with the stairs so they can keep walking around and have access to everything.  It’s really adorable.

At the beach is Algorta’s Puerto Viejo.  It’s from the 17th/18th century.  Initially because of arrangements other ports had with different companies or entities, Puerto Viejo struggled to survive. However due to the location as well as the abundance of small fishing vessels and the pilots and fishers who helped navigate the shallow banks, the port was not only able to survive but it thrived.  (Probably why the markets smell so fishy).  It did so well they had to build up the area tightly that it feels like the buildings are right on top of each other.










I’ve seen on Facebook, and I feel like I saw this before in Amsterdam, but it still amazes me when you find a vending machine where you can buy real food from, like burgers.img_0812.jpeg

Apparently it’s great for when you’re out late and want some food quickly and you’re walking past it, but it feels so wrong buying a burger from a vending machine.

Burger’s aren’t the only thing that you can buy to keep your night going….