Vacations means sleeping in. It also means staying out late and exploring the city. By the time we woke up, the sun was high, it was shorts weather and nothing seemed better than a beach day.

First priority, food.IMG_1482.jpeg

That is a beautiful plate of swordfish. Unfortunately with brussel sprouts. Actually I tried the brussel sprouts. They weren’t terrible.

There were like 5 different beaches to choose from, so of course we had to chose the beach on the other side of the river, where the foot bridge was all the way across town. Found the tourist area, where they sold all the excursion. And there was the docks. And this cool looking old boat.


We finally got to the beach and not a moment too soon. Kicked off the sneakers and felt the sand between the toes, the wind whipping my hair back. So yeah the water was a bit too cold for me to go in fully. (I hate cold water, even when it’s an ice bath for sports recovery) So I stood there at the edge of the water, slowly inching further and further in until my calves were submerged as the waves washed up. My feet sunk into the sand. By the time I moved from my spot, I had to dig my feet out.


One of my purchases from the previous day came in handy today. There was a water toy rugby ball!!!! How could I pass that up? Perfect beach activity too. What started as passing and kicking the ball around turned into us throwing it around football style. And by us throwing it around, I mean Ora and I attempting to and Kelli showing us a proper spin.

At the end of a beautiful day we went back to the hostel and cooked up some dinner. Carlos, the awesome guy running the hostel was cooking up some traditional fish soup. He offered to share some with us.


It was amazing and I still need to find the recipe.

Quick interlude: our previous night was not only our first night in Lagos, but it was also Kelli’s birthday. So basically we dressed up, took way too many pictures with the Christmas lights in town and I even danced. There are pictures/video proof, but you’ll just have to believe me.

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